The Durability of Moissanite

The durability of a gemstone is determined by its hardness, or resistance to scratching, and its toughness, or resistance to chipping or cleaving.

Moissanite created by Charles & Colvard, at 9.25 Mohs, is second in hardness only to diamond and incredibly tough. During the development of created Moissanite jewels, extensive real-world wear tests were performed by women in a variety of professions, from bankteller to dog groomer to office worker. These wear tests confirmed that Moissanite jewels out-perform most jewels in terms of durability.

Superior Heat Resistance

Moissanite created by Charles & Colvard has heat resistance properties superior to many other jewels, offering the following distinct advantages for using Moissanite in fine jewellery.

  • Moissanite jewels can be cast in place, allowing the jewellery designer to offer innovative, exact-fit designs.
  • Moissanite jewels are less likely to experience heat damage during jewellery repair operations.
  • Moissanite jewels can survive the extreme temperatures found in typical house fires.

The following pictures demonstrate the superior heat resistance of created Moissanite jewels compared to diamond.

A Moissanite jewel and a diamond are placed in a high temperature oven. The temperature in the oven is increased and a flow of oxygen is introduced.

As the oven reaches 1100°C, the diamond catches fire and begins to vaporise. At this point, the heat to the oven is turned off and the diamond will continue to burn until . . .

. . . the diamond has completely vaporised. The Moissanite jewel remains intact and as brilliant as the day it was created.